Cactus McCoy Cheats

Play the exciting action packed thrilling and challenging game of Cactus McCoy, where you journey on to an adventure in search for hidden treasures while fighting along the way against the enemies. Experience the excitement of being in an adventure with a treasure hunter, who has been cursed for stealing a treasure.

Play the platform game filled with action and puzzles which can be quite challenging to complete, by using the various cheats and tricks you can play your way to victory and can experience the complete features of the game immediately. Here are few cheats and tricks to help you get the most out of the game:

Cactus McCoy

Weapon Cheat –

Cactus McCoy consists of various weapons in the entire game, each with unique specialties and appearance. All the weapons can be very hard to find and cannot be used if not picked up. By following a series of simple events you will be able to receive a random weapon in your hand at the start of each level, which can be swapped as well. To make the cheat work, you must follow and perform the events strictly otherwise it will not work. This cheat requires precise timing and the perfect execution of the key strokes and events.

This cheat should be enabled at the first level to use it in the next levels. The first thing you must do is to collect all the weapons lying around in the level, do not miss grabbing any weapons or else it will not work, you can drop each of these after picking it up but don’t miss out. During exploring the stage you must find collect all the treasures as well, after you have done all of this make sure the timer on the level is exactly 6 minutes and 24 seconds, the milliseconds do not matter, now jump twice and go left thrice followed by dropping the current weapon. If these are executed you will receive a random weapon in the beginning of the next level.

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Infinite Health Cheat –

The Health meter in the game decreases as you get hit each time by the enemy attacks. To prevent the decrease of the health bar you have to follow the guidelines accurately which will result in the health bar being full at all time and will never decrease. This cheat can be activated at any level but some levels may not allow you to do so, for which you will have to activate it in another level. So, first select any level and start playing, as you play you must play very safely so that you do not get hit by any enemy attacks. The use of weapons during the activation of the cheat is prohibited which makes the cheat quite difficult. You must reach the end of the level within 5 minutes as well and then crouch twice and move right while jumping to activate the cheat.

Cactus McCoy Weapons

Infinite Weapon Durability Cheat –

There is a limited durability of each of the weapons, that is, they can only be used for a certain amount of use. To make the weapon usable for as long as you want, you will first need to use all the weapons in the selected level at least once and then drop them immediately and make sure to make each of the use count, that is, they must hit an enemy or the cheat will not work. After doing all the things successfully, you may reach the end of the level and for the next levels you will be able to use any weapons you pick up in the game for as long as you like.


Cactus McCoy Cheats
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