Cactus McCoy 5

Journey along with the cursed treasure hunter for another adventure in the western sandy canyons. Enjoy the excitement and action Cactus McCoy can offer during his adventures to find secret treasures and mysterious artifacts. Play again as the Cactus McCoy to help him find these lost treasures by fighting his way out of the enemy territory as he would not let the hands of evil in those powerful artifacts.

Click Here to play Cactus McCoy 5

Click Here to play Cactus McCoy 5

Cactus McCoy 5 brings you with more excitement, with more puzzles and mysteries to solve and loads of action all around the game. The game includes some exciting new features and provides various challenges within the game to add an extra taste.

How to play and Game objective

Cactus McCoy 5 is a platform game, one of the series of Cactus McCoy game. The following keys are included in the game to control your character –

  • Left arrow key moves McCoy to the left
  • Right arrow key moves McCoy to the right
  • Up arrow key allows McCoy to aim the projectile weapon in the hand
  • Down arrow key makes McCoy crouch or grab a weapon or any throw-able if there is one lying on the ground
  • Press the D-key to drop the current weapon in the hand
  • Press the S-key to use or attack with the weapon or punch if there is none
  • Press the A-key to make McCoy jump

Cactus McCoy 5 is similar to the other part of the game, but the game has replaced and added some new functionality as well as consisting various new weapons and upgrades to use. As Cactus McCoy goes out in an adventure with hopes for finding long lost treasure ends up in a mysterious ruined place where every dead or inanimate objects are powered by a mysterious artifact hidden beneath the depths of the ruins. Cactus McCoy gets stuck in the place and is being forced to be imprisoned by the living dead objects.

He must find his way out of the place and in order to do so he must first find the secrets hidden within the mysterious place and find a way to shut down the power source of these objects. He needs your help once again to fight against the living dead and to solve mysteries and puzzles in order for him to get out of the place. The objective of the game is to complete each level by fighting your way out and solve any puzzles and mysteries to get past the obstacles.

Cactus McCoy 5

Game modes

Cactus McCoy 5 introduces different game modes to the game which offers different objectives and challenges, these are available for selection and by playing and completing each of these game modes you will receive bonus and upgrades, which can be used in any other game modes later on. There are three different game modes, they are –

Story Mode – This is the general game mode which consists of the primary theme and objective, and completing the levels will progress the main story of the game. The story mode is conveying the story and the overall challenges Cactus McCoy faces in his adventure.

Time Mode – This mode provides an exciting and challenging objective for you to experience. The levels are completely different from the other game modes but with similar environment and these levels require you to reach the end in a certain time to proceed to the next one.

Boss Fight Mode – As you may have face several bosses in different levels in the story mode and the other games, these bosses can be re-challenged and fought against once more in the boss fight mode. And completing these levels will grant you several advantages.

Cactus McCoy 5
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