Cactus McCoy 4

Enjoy the experience of being a real treasure hunter as you journey alongside Cactus McCoy in his adventure filled with action, anticipations, puzzles and thriller with more excitement in Cactus McCoy 4. Cactus McCoy 4 provides a unique environment and adds some decent improvement to the game.

Click Here to play Cactus McCoy 4

Click Here to play Cactus McCoy 4


Cactus McCoy is out for another journey to find the mysterious treasures and artifacts he always seeks and as always he manages to get himself in danger as he seems to visit the wrong place at the wrong time. Play the action game that requires skill and precise strategy to complete the levels. Help Cactus McCoy fight his enemies from getting their hands on the lost treasure.

About the game

Cactus McCoy goes for a journey to seek a treasure that was long lost in some part of the world, which he managed to find out after a long time, during his journey he encounters various traps and thrilling obstacles and as always manages to face new enemies along the way, but this time for the first time in his journey he gets to team up with his old enemies to face them as they are notafter Cactus McCoy but after the hidden treasure which their enemy is obstructing them from. So, in order to get their hands on the treasure they must do whatever they can, even if it means teaming up with McCoy. As Cactus McCoy is already in a sticky situation, he is forced to team up and fight alongside them to get the treasure.

Play the action packed, thrilling and exciting platform game Cactus McCoy 4 as you help him fight alongside his old enemies in order to both protect yourself and to prevent the enemies from getting their hands on the treasure. Cactus McCoy 4 provides some of the most interesting and exciting features that were not present in other parts of the game. The game introduces a unique story and adds a series of new functionality and actions in the game.


By using the following keys you will be able to control the character in your game –

  • Up arrow key allows you to aim your ranged weapon in your hand
  • Down arrow key makes McCoy crouch or pick up weapons from the ground
  • Press left arrow key to move McCoy to the left
  • Press right arrow key to move McCoy to the right
  • Press D key to make McCoy drop his current weapon
  • Press A key to make McCoy jump

Cactus McCoy 4

Game modes and functions

Cactus McCoy 4 provides you with different game modes, each with multiple levels to unlock which can be played any time if unlocked. The game modes can provide you with varying difficulty and provides you with unique challenges. Some of the game modes include –

Normal Mode – This gameplay mode is available to play in all the other part of the games. This mode conveys the primary theme and objective of the game, which consists of 20 levels and upon progression reveals the primary story.

Challenge Mode – This mode provides you with unique challenges to complete which require different skills in each levels. The challenges when completed will offer you with different upgrades and bonus points which can be used in the normal mode for a better gameplay.

The game includes many puzzles in the game which must be solved in order to proceed further and these puzzles can be quite challenging, these are small challenges which can be completed to receive achievement awards and bonus weapons usable in the game. Many awards are also offered for completing simple tasks as well.


Cactus McCoy 4
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