Cactus McCoy 3

The cursed treasure hunter, Cactus McCoy, is back for some more wild treasure hunting, action packed thrilling adventure in Cactus McCoy 3. After his last tiresome and dangerous adventure, Cactus McCoy did not forfeit and continued his journey for some more treasures or artifacts. Play one of the most action packed, thrilling adventurous game with loads of exciting new features that adds an extra excitement.

Click Here to play Cactus McCoy 3

Click Here to play Cactus McCoy 3


Cactus McCoy 3 provides some unique new set of weapons and the game is more difficult and challenging as it offers various puzzles and booby traps within the stage that requires careful timing and skills to progress through the levels.

Story and game overview

Cactus McCoy 3 is a platform game where Cactus McCoy, a treasure hunter who, without being unaware of the curse, on finding a treasure turned in to a cactus. Cactus McCoy resumes his journey and takes the risk of grabbing more artifacts. During his adventure he succeeds in seeking more mysterious artifact and encounters more enemies along the way – who are hungry for abusing the power of those powerful artifacts.

Cactus McCoy manages to find the location of an artifact but he also manages to end up in the hands of his enemies, but before he was captured, he managed to prevent his enemy from getting their hands on it by securing the artifact in to a secret location within the canyon. Cactus McCoy must fight his way out of the canyon and revisit the place where he has secured the artifact otherwise the enemies will soon be holding the power of a dangerous artifact. You must help Cactus McCoy make an escape and fight his way out of the dangerous canyon filled with booby traps and puzzling paths which leads to a dead end.

Cactus McCoy 3


The game consists of the following keys to control –

  • By pressing the S key, Cactus McCoy will attack or use the current weapon in his hand
  • Right arrow key moves him to the right
  • Left arrow key moveshim to the left
  • Up arrow key makes McCoy aim in an upward direction
  • Down arrow key allows McCoy to crouch or pick up weapons on the ground
  • Pressing  the A key allows McCoy to jump
  • Pressing the D key drops the current weapon on his hand

Game modes

Cactus McCoy 3 has added some unique new features which includes game modes. Game modes can be quite entertaining for the different objective it provides and each of these has different difficulty and challenges. The different game mode provides you with the opportunity to familiarize with the game as well as to earn special rewards which can be useful in the overall game. The game modes include –

Normal Mode – This is the classic gameplay mode in which Cactus McCoy proceeds through levels by fighting enemies and jumping through or avoiding obstacles.

Cactus McCoy

Boss Fight Mode – This mode brings a more unique taste to the game, there are several bosses in the game which has different special abilities and are stronger than any other enemies, they can be quite challenging and can only be fought during different levels in the normal mode. Boss fight mode lets you fight all the bosses in the game in a series of levels and by defeating these you will be able to purchase special new upgrades.

Achievements and bonuses

As you collect treasures and coins you will be able to receive special bonuses and currency which will be available to use in buying new upgrades. You can also receive bonus for executing combos. By completing different challenges in the game you will be awarded achievement bonus which can be viewed later on in the main menu.


Cactus McCoy 3
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